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The first fishski was born out of necessity way back in the early 2000’s. After trying to cross the silted up Noosa bar with my boat and nearly getting wiped out I thought that there had to be a better way. At first it was just a rod holder bolted to the rear of my jet ski but when you catch fish you have nowhere to put them, so the next idea was a milk create but it wasn’t big enough and you couldn’t keep your fish fresh, so then I got myself an esky and screwed rod holders onto the sides and put a small tackle section on top and the rest is history as they say

Enter Shane Jordan my business partner and good friend who has come from a manufacturing back ground suggested up the ante and sell Fishski boxes to the world. In 2016 we moved into our purposed built factory on the Sunshine Coast. Starting with only one product now we have 7 different models in the Fishski range for Jet skis and have made boxes for boats, sups and quads.

     – Rob Grace



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Fishski Australia is a proud sponsor of the Jet Ski Club